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Ally. Virginia. I paint and stuff.

I'm the moon or I quit.



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Anonymous asked: i would love to see your take on a tarot deck but i am too poor to commission you on one so i'm going to plant the seed of this wonderful idea in your head and hope you mess around with tarot design and post them here instead. keep doing your thing, you are fantastic.

Aww, thank you! I have thought about doing so before because I think it’d be a good challenge, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to focus on it long enough to actually undertake it. Maybe someday!

Anonymous asked: Your drawings make me happy, I need to draw more.

Your message makes me happy. Yes, draw more, mystery person!

little sketchbook scribbles


Mew || Snow Brigade


Hulk need coffee 


Hulk need coffee 


The Frighteners, 1996.

(via thethreehares)

Commission for Krystin of Salem Couture. 

Commission for Krystin of Salem Couture


Man Man | Head On

And I need new skin for this old skeleton of mine
Cause this one that I’m in has let me down once again over time
Hold on to your heart
Hold it high above flood waters
Hold on to your heart
Never let nobody drag it under
Hold on to your heart
Even when the whole world’s bitter
Never let nobody take it over
Ever take it over
Ever take it over from you

Anonymous asked: Are you inspired by saccstry? :)

I have to say no as I wasn’t sure who this was, but I googled her and I am sure I saw one of her pieces once and thought, “Awwwww mannnn,” the way artists do when they come across another artist who does similar things but better.